Berlin Biennale

The Berlin Biennale is one of Germany’s most important contemporary arts events and has been running every 2nd year since its inception in 1998. The Biennale is on for around 12 weeks and each year has its own theme, with all the artists and works chosen by that year’s curators.

The Feuerle Collection © Berlin Biennale Facebook

Public guided tours available of The Feuerle Collection (German and English) © Berlin Biennale Facebook

The 2016 Berlin Biennale is being curated by the team from New York art collective DIS and the 2016 theme is ‘The Present in Drag’. This idea “…seeks to materialize the digital condition and the paradoxes that increasingly make up the world in 2016: the virtual as the real, nations as brands, people as data, culture as capital, wellness as politics, happiness as GDP, and so on. With its selection of exhibition venues it aims to shape-shift across multiple sites, each one releasing a whiff of contemporary “paradessence” (paradox + essence).”.

LIT, Johannes Paul Raether

LIT, Johannes Paul Raether at Akademie der Künste

Shawn Maximo #3 (penthouse), 2016 on view in Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art © Berlin Biennale

Shawn Maximo #3 (penthouse), 2016 on view in Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art © Berlin Biennale

The event was launched on 4th June and runs through until the 18th September so you have exactly one month to get on board! There are still great things to see and reviews so far have been great so check out the program, see what’s on and squeeze some great contemporary art into your life! Admission times are Wed to Mon 11 am–7 pm and Thu 11 am–9 pm. An all-venues ticket is €26 and is valid throughout the duration of the Biennale for one single entry per venue.

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