Crispy Christmas Leg of Duck

Christmas means different things to different people but one thing everybody will do, wherever they are in the world is eat a meal. There are so many different interpretations of the traditional Christmas meal and by now most will have their menu planned, the oven warming and the glühwein bubbling away on the stove. For those of you who are still deciding, we are thrilled to offer this special recipe for Crispy Leg of Duck from our chef Felix at Restaurant Le Faubourg.

Kai Uwe Heinich

Kai Uwe Heinich

For this year or next, for tomorrow or the weekend, this duck will certainly be the talk of your table and by far the highlight of your Christmas.

Crispy Christmas Leg of Duck

Serves 10 people

10 free range duck legs, skin on
320 g salt
320 grams of brown sugar
8oo mls of orange juice
6 grams of juniper berries
4 grams of fennel seeds
2 cloves
10 grams of black pepper
3 star anise

duck fat
orange peel

Crispy Duck Leg


Place the duck legs in a vacuum sealable bag with the salt, sugar, orange juice and spices  for 18 hrs to pickle. After pickling, rinse the duck legs well. Mix the duck fat, orange peel and rosemary together and massage into the duck legs so they are well covered with the fat. Cook in a large baking tray uncovered for 4 hours at 90 ° C. Once cooked, cool the duck legs and the confit and place in a large can or sealable container to store. On the day of serving, preheat the grill to 160 ° C. Place the duck legs in a large uncovered baking tray with a little of the fat mixture and warm them gently under the grill for about 10 minutes, cooking until the skin is crispy. Serve with seasonal vegetables and a large dose of Christmas cheer!

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