French Film Week 2017

French Film Week returns to Berlin this Wednesday and we are once again pleased to join the festival in celebrating all things French through the art and visual splendour of cinema. The festival runs through until Wednesday 6th December and screenings take place at a number of cinemas across the city including Cinema Paris, Kino International, Filmtheater am Friedrichshain, Rollberg, Kino Arsenal, Institut français Berlin and City Kino Wedding.

Discussion with the cast and team before the film

The festival celebrates 17 years in 2017 and aims to boost its record attendance of 10,000 visitors from last year’s festival. A number of films have their world premieres at French Film Week Berlin and along with film screenings, industry professionals from the French and local German film industries can take the opportunity to meet and network, whilst enjoying the programme in the Haupstadt. The key value of the festival is to support new and upcoming directors and to encourage a culture of openness, diversity and European equality through the works it screens.

The opening night of the festival is this Wednesday and this year’s premiere film will be Le Sens de la Fête at 8pm at Kino International. Included in the programme this year are also films from Belgium, Quebec and Switzerland. Film fans can also attend a range of events, including panel sessions, discussions and an exhibition in the Filmlounge at Maison de France – Galerie des Institut français Berlin.

Le sens de la fête © French Film Week 2017

Le sens de la fête © French Film Week 2017

Opera de Paris © French Film Week 2017

Opera de Paris © French Film Week 2017

Films are screened in their original language with German subtitles and many films are followed by Q&A sessions with directors, producers and actors. This year as usual there are many exciting and interesting guests to meet and her from.

Ticket prices and links to buy tickets online can be found here. Cinema Paris is just around the corner from the hotel, just ask the concierge for directions.


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