Garden of Unearthly Delights – Botanische Nacht 2017

Stepping into the lush, encased domes of the Botanical Garden you are immediately transported to another world – quiet and serene, a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of Berlin’s city life. Perched on the south west edge of the city in Dahlem, the Botanical Garden is home to a host of greenhouses (including the Great Pavilion, the largest glass house in the world) with over 22,000 varieties of plant from across the globe, from rainforests to mountains and everything in between.

large tropical greenhouse © I. Haas, Botanischer Garten & Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem

large tropical greenhouse © I. Haas, Botanischer Garten & Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem

Botanische Nacht 3

Next week on the 21st and 22nd July, the gardens will open their doors for the very special ‘Botanische Nacht’ or ‘Botanical Night’ – an evening full of magical mid summer entertainment amongst the greenery. This year’s theme is magical natural worlds, with the gardens divided into eight different sections including the garden of sin, a delight for the senses, dragon’s mountain, a place for stories of ice and fire, as well as the mystical forbidden forest, an eerie adventure place where ‘nature raises her voice’ amidst paths filled with goblins and ghouls.

Botanische Nacht 1

The program boasts a jam packed lineup of light shows, performance art and culinary delights. There will be fireworks of course and over 16 km of pathways draped in lights, illuminating your way well into the night, with festivities running until 2am. Program highlights include fire shows by performance and hoop artist Red Flower, some versatile vocal offerings from Colour Your Mind and a taste of German comedy (sadly only in German) from Berliner Zeitsprünge.

Botanische Nacht 2

The perfect activity for friends and family of all ages, Botanischer Night will run this year for two evenings for the first time, due to popular demand. To get your ticket online click here or purchase your ticket on the evening. Botanische Nacht will be held on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd July. Doors open at 5pm and the program starts at 5:30pm (Box offices opens at 2:00pm on the 21st and 22nd at the entrances of the Gardens. Tickets are 38,00 € and entry is free for children up to 14 years old (ID cards will be requested). The Botanischer Garten Berlin-Dahlem is at Königin-Luise-Platz in Dahlem in Berlin’s south west. You can find entrances at Königin-Luise-Platz (bus 101 or X83) or on Unter den Eichen (bus M48).

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