The Golden Days of Autumn

Summer is a distant memory and all the coats and scarves have been unpacked. Now it’s time to face the new season and get out into the fresh air (or inside in the cosy warmth) to enjoy some of the best parts of Berlin this autumn.

Autumn Tempelhofer park © Melinda Barlow

Autumn in Berlin’s parks © Melinda Barlow

Landwehr Canal

The Landwehrkanal (German) is almost 11 kilometres long and connects the upper and lower parts of the Spree river with each other. The canal starts in Friedrichshain and runs through the suburbs of Kreuzberg and Tiergarten before ending in Charlottenburg. It has walking paths along both sides for almost the entire length and tourist boats also glide through it to give you a different aspect. You may not walk the whole length but the sections in Kreuzberg are particularly popular, where you will find people sitting along its banks drinking beers at dusk, talking, reading a book, studying, maybe even canoeing while the weather is still mild.

One of the best places to watch the sunset in Berlin is at the Admiralbrücke in Kreuzberg. This small bridge over the Landwehr canal is a gathering place most evenings for people to watch the sunset from and the reflections of the autumnal colours in the canal as the sky changes colour are more than instagramworthy.

Landwehrkanal © Melinda Barlow

Landwehrkanal © Melinda Barlow

Paul Lincke Ufer Kreuzberg © Melinda Barlow

Paul Lincke Ufer in Kreuzberg © Melinda Barlow

Sunday Markets

There are markets all over Berlin every weekend but the Sunday markets in local neighbourhoods can be a magical experience. A vast array of objects are on display for anything from €1 to thousands and there are endless possibilities in the treasures that can be found. The most well known is the Berlin Flea Market along Straße des 17. Juni (Get the S Bahn to Tiergarten and it’s below the station). The Boxhagener Platz Flea Market is also worth a stroll around (and has great food!) as is the Mauerpark Fleamarket in Prenzlauer Berg.

Boxhagener platz market © Melinda Barlow

Boxhagener Platz market © Melinda Barlow

Mauerpark Flea market © Melinda Barlow

Mauerpark Flea market © Melinda Barlow

Palaces and Parks of Potsdam and Berlin

Berlin is home to an incredible collection of UNESCO World Heritage listed properties called the Palaces and Parks of Potsdam and Berlin. They also happen to be beautiful places to send time on a golden autumnal day. This group of Prussian era properties and sprawling parks and gardens covers a huge footprint of land in Berlin and Brandenburg, but many of them can be seen in one day by taking the S Bahn to Wannsee and then navigating your way through the various properties from there. The very best way to travel and enjoy the sites would be by bicycle, so speak to the concierge about renting one near the hotel and get some tips for taking it on the train.

The beautiful castle on Peacock Island, untouched by WWI & II. Image: Wiki commons RThiele

The beautiful castle on Peacock Island, untouched by WWI & II. © Wiki commons R Thiele

Once you arrive in Wannsee you can take your bike on a small ferry over to Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island) with its elegant storybook like mini castle and population of – you guessed it – peacocks. Also in this area is Glienicke Palace, the former home of Prince Carl of Prussia. Back on the train again and it’s off to Potsdam for the most spectacular parts of the collection. Here you will find the  magnificent Sanssouci Palace with its elegant tiered garden and fascinating history. Sanssouci was the summer palace of the Prussian King Frederick the Great and is often compared with the Palace of Versailles for its grandeur.


Potsdam, Park Sanssouci Foto: Hans Bach © Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg


Potsdam, Neuer Garten, Marmorpalais, Foto: Hans Bach © Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg

As you make your way through the gardens and parklands of Sanssouci you will also encounter other properties in the collection including the Marble Palace and Cecilienhof Palace. Further on in Babelsberg is also Babelsperg Palace and Babelsberg Park. On the way back you can stroll through the interesting streets of Potsdam, enjoy the small shops along Zimmerstrasse and drink a beer at Potsdam’s own Brandenburg Gate.

The true Berlin experience - better with a beer. Image: Melinda Barlow

Potsdam’s Brandenburger Tor © Melinda Barlow

Melinda Barlow is an Australian freelance writer and editor, based in Berlin since 2012. Melinda works with print and online media and has a natural curiosity that informs her work. She is passionate about travel and great content. She loves to write most about the world, its people and why we all do what we do.