Wine Shopping With Mathias Brandweiner

Mathias Brandweiner, our sommelier, in action wine shopping at KaDeWe


Love wine but could do with some expert advice when it comes to wine shopping? We went shopping with our new sommelier Mathias Brandweiner to find out what to look for when it comes to wine shopping, whatever the occasion. We chose to visit KaDeWe, the prestigious department store, because it has a whole floor dedicated to food and drink, an excellent selection of quality products and is located just a ten minute walk from the hotel – perfect!


Taking an afternoon stroll to KaDeWe, one of Berlin's oldest department stores, with Mathias.


When it comes to white wine, Mathias heartily recommends a good German Riesling such as the 2012 Schieferterrassen from Heymann Loewenstein, produced in Mosel, one of Germany’s 13 wine regions. Sporting an apricot and peach aroma, Mathias describes this as the perfect accompaniment for light dishes such as salads and starters, a “simple but excellent Reisling”. He also explains that Rieslings are ripe in ageing potential, so a good choice for anyone wanting a true German souvenir to enjoy in a few years, to toast memories of Berlin.


A white wine recommendation from Mathias, who said he sampled a bottle from 1982 which was superb.


Moving on to red wines Mathias heads straight for the wine selection from the Provence region. “People usually think of rosé wine when they think of Provence,” he says, “but there is also an outstanding red wine selection from here, especially from the Bandol region.” He gestures to a red wine from the Château de Pibarnon and elaborates on the taste, which is “spicy on the nose with an intense but smooth flavour, filled with blackcurrant and fruits”. Priced at around €30, Mathias’ red wine selection is good value and affordable, a good choice all round.


If it’s neither red nor white wine you’re looking for but a dash of glamour with some champagne (something Mathias always encourages, especially for dessert) then I’m advised you can’t go wrong with Billecart Salmon’s Brut Rosé, which according to our sommelier is so delightful with its berry notes and smooth fruit aroma it “gives your tongue a massage.” Slightly on the more expensive side at around €80 a bottle, a more budget friendly option would be a sparking wine such as Bouvet Trésor cremant from the Loire Valley, a refreshing way to end your meal.


Champagne galore! The options are plentiful at KaDeWe, but Mathias already has his favourites singled out.


Tauentzienstraße 21-24




Open Monday – Thursday 10am until 8pm, Friday 10am until 9pm, Saturday 9:30am until 8pm.

You can find more information on the KaDeWe store on their website, here.